Reports To:
Production Manager
General Employee Requirements:
The incumbent is expected to meet quality work standards, and work in conformity with all company policies, guidelines, procedures and work within the scope of the law.         
Must utilize effective interpersonal communication, have a teamwork approach and demonstrate positive relations skills.  Must have the ability to work effectively with others and follow directions of Supervisor.
Must be familiar with the Employee Handbook and have the ability to comply with all safety requirements.
Primary Responsibility: 
Set up and operation of conventional, special purpose and numerical control (NC) machines to fabricate metallic parts applying knowledge of machine shop theory and procedures, shop mathematics, materials selection and layout techniques.
Principal Duties:
·        Study blueprints, sketches, drawings, manuals, specifications or sample parts to determine dimensions and tolerances of finished work piece, sequence of operations and set up requirements.
·        Measure, mark and scribe dimensions and reference points on material or work piece as guides for subsequent machining.
·        Fabricate, select, align and secure holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories and materials on machines such as mills and lathes.
·        Calculate and set controls to regulate machining factors such as speed, feed, coolant flow depth and angle of cut.
·        Starts and operates machines to detect malfunctions or out of tolerance machining and adjusts machine controls as required.
·        Practice and promote good housekeeping measures and support all company efforts to comply with OSHA and environmental regulations.
·        Verifies conformance of finished part to specifications using precision measuring instruments.
·        Responsible for the cleanliness, operational condition and preventative maintenance of the machines.
·        All other duties as assigned

General Job Requirements:
·        High school/GED diploma minimum and must be 18 years old
·        Industry certification and/or minimum of 5 years' experience as a Machinist.
·        Effective communication skills are mandatory.  Must possess proper command of English language, written and oral.
·        Must be computer literate, experience with Microsoft Windows and Excel preferred.
·        Ability and willingness to work flexible hours and extra time on an as-needed basis, involving extra hours during the week, Saturdays and occasionally Sundays and Holidays.
Physical Job Requirements:
·        Generally, 90% or more of the normal work shift will require the employee to stand.
·        Loading and unloading of parts, while unassisted, is frequently required. Parts usually range in weight from 5‑60 pounds.  Ability to work at a machine up to 80-90% of a normal work shift.
Work Environment Job Requirements:
·        Mobility inside our 50,000 square foot facility required.
·        Infrequent travel may be required.
·        100 % of the normal workday will be inside of our climate-controlled facility.
This job description is not exhaustive and cannot anticipate all possible duties and requirements. Duties and requirements are also subject to change just as the products developed by this company are subject to change.  Flexibility on the part of the employee as well as the company is important.

This position is a full-time position, located at our Red Wing, MN branch.