General Employee Requirements:
•    The incumbent is expected to meet quality work standards, and work in conformity with all company policies, guiding principles, standard procedures and work within the scope of the law.
•    Must utilize effective interpersonal communication and teamwork approach at all times. Demonstrate positive customer relation skills. Must have the ability to work effectively with others as well as follow directions of supervisor.
•    Must be fully familiar with and have the ability to comply with all safety requirements of respective position such as knowledge of safety rules and policy and evacuation procedure.

Primary Responsibilities:
•    Guarantee the supply of materials and components and the relative competitiveness in terms of price, quality and comply with the delivery times.
•    Select suppliers, in agreement with Quality Manager, ensuring performance levels through their qualification, the certification of their processes and supplies; ensuring a continuous monitoring to prevent potential inefficiencies.
•    Implement a procurement marketing strategy in order to create a vendor base that meets Walvoil's technological, competitive and strategical needs.
•    Ensure the application of purchasing policies and maximum ethical and commercial fairness in relationships with suppliers.
•    Ensure a constant search for Total Cast of Ownership reduction.

Principal Duties:

•    Create and maintain an adequate supplier base in terms of technology, production capacity, cast, quality and service level.
•    Identify and implement innovative ways of partnering with suppliers: co-design, logistics integration, free-pass, framework contracts, open orders, etc., to ensure reduction of procurement total cost.
•    Monitor purchasing department performance indicators by taking action to reduce purchase prices year over year, to ensure the achievement of the purchasing budget and the improvement of supplier service levels.
•    Intervene promptly in arder to define optimal solutions of interaction between suppliers/production planning considering the requirements of the production and of the supplier itself.
•    Ensure the correct application of company procurement policies and procedures, as well as maximum ethical and commerciai fairness in the relationships with suppliers.
•    Propose technical/logistical changes to improve quality and cast of parts and improve materiai flows.
•    Verify Purchase Requests (RDAs) and their authorization.
•    Visit suppliers and select them, considering their production process and growth potential.
•    Verify prices and purchasing methods/conditions, evaluating their convenience according to the rules defined at company level.
•    Manage the sampling and pre-series process following the development until the final approvai or rejection.
•    Manage the purchase contracts processing with the selected suppliers in collaboration with Management.
•    Generate reports of activity progresses.
•    Maintain a friendly "Service" oriented philosophy with co-workers, other departments and vendors.
•    Practice and promote good housekeeping measures and support all company efforts to comply with OSHA and environmental regulations.
•    Maintain knowledge of and familiarity with computer software and upgrades utilizing Company provided training or through continued education courses offered by schools or organizations.
•    Perform all other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
•    High school/GED diploma minimum.
•    Prefer 3 years' experience in a similar role.
•    Prefer a 4-year college degree (BA or 85), Mechanical engineering or relevant specialized industry-related training.
•    Knowledge of criteria and logics of evaluation and selection of suppliers (supplier qualification - process certificati on).
•    Knowledge of key industrial processes.
•    Good knowledge of negotiation techniques.
•    Effective communication skills are mandatory. Must possess proper command of English language, written and oral.
•    Must have a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word & Excel)
•    Ability and willingness to work overtime as needed

Physical Job Requirements:
•    Travel will be required, as needed, national and international. Schedules occasionally require weekend travel.
•    Travel is normally by commerciai airlines. Local or nearby travel will use company-owned, personal or rented vehicles vans and operator must possess valid driver's license and meet insurance company's requirements.
•    Flexibility to work in an office and warehouse environment.
•    Must have dexterity to write and manipulate computer keyboard and mouse
•    Required to talk and hear to perform job duties

Work Environment job Requirements:

•    Due to travel, environmental conditions are frequently uncontrolled. Conditions may be outdoors with exposure to outside temperatures, poor lighting, and pipeline construction environment. The natural elements, such as pollen, high or low humidity, and dust are usually present.
•    Trade show demonstrations may occasionally require 10-12 hour work shifts, usually standing. Ability to work in crowded, close conditions, frequently exposed to secondhand-smoke, may be required.
•    When not traveling the work environment is climate-controlled.

Workplace in USA: Tulsa (OK)  or Red Wing (MN)

Contract: permanent contract, full-time